Fleetwood Grange #1839
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Rules for use of Fleetwood Grange Hall facilities

  • The person or organization renting the Hall will be responsible for the serving of any alchoholic beverages.
  • All serving of alchoholic beverages or other refreshments and all other organized activities should be concluded prior to 11:00PM and the Hall should be vacated mo later than 11:30PM.
  • All property of the Fleetwood Grange shall be left in the same condition as found. Damaged property must be paid for by the person or organization renting the Hall.
  • Fleetwood Grange reserves the right to have at least one member of the Grange present at the building during the activities to protect the interests of the Grange.
  • No thumb tacks, nails, or any other destructive accesories shall be used in decorating any part of the Hall for any activity.
  • Vehicles will use the parking lot and driveway areas only. Absolutely no parking on the grass is permitted.